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Free to Choose, by Milton and Rose Friedman.    The husband-and-wife Friedmans are at their articulate, persuasive best in this 1979 book, which is in some ways similar to Capitalism and Freedom, yet perhaps an easier read.  The Friedmans are outstanding examples of the highly influential and well respected 'Chicago School' of economic thought, as espoused by leading economists such as Frank Knight, Henry Simons, Friedrich A. Hayek, George Stigler and others.  If you haven't read the book, but the title sounds familiar, then perhaps you watched the popular PBS series patterned on the book.  The Friedmans' detailed explanation of how something as seemingly simple as pencil manufacturing can effectively promote peace, prosperity, cooperation and understanding among the peoples of the world is an absolute classic.  From the powers of markets, to the effects of price supports and controls, to the problems of school systems, to the origins of inflation and the protection of workers, this book covers a lot of ground in a very interesting and thoughtful manner.

ISBN: 0156334607
Format: Paperback, 326pp
Pub. Date: Nov 1990
Publisher: Harcourt







"In any discussion of where the United States is heading, and of where it ought to be heading, the Friedmans' voice must be heard.  They make their argument here with their usual clarity and vigor." 

Edwin Newman