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The Invisible Heart, by Russell Roberts.    This is a highly informative and educational book on economics--with a love story.  The plot revolves around the romance between two high school teachers--one a market-oriented economist and the other a liberal English teacher.  While Sam Gordon and Laura Silver don't seem like a compatible fit, their differences (dare I say "passionate" differences?) make the story more appealing and interesting.  In the course of their courtship, they discuss (and debate) everything from markets to businesses to government regulations--along with many of the economic problems in our society that cry out for solutions.  Although this is a relatively short book, Roberts adds some subplots that develop interesting themes and ultimately converge with Sam and Laura's story.  Once you start reading this enjoyable and easy to read book, you will find it hard to put down.

ISBN: 0262681358
Format: Paperback, 288pp
Pub. Date: Feb 2002
Publisher: MIT Press




"A page-turning, well-written love story that also teaches an impressive amount of good economics."

Milton Friedman