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The Road to Serfdom, by Friedrich Hayek.    This book was written in England in 1944, while future Nobel Prize winner (in economics) Hayek was an Austrian refugee from Nazi-occupied Europe.  Hayek covers a lot of ground in this relatively short work, ranging from his thoughts on individualism and collectivism to his comparisons between 1940s era Britain, Germany and, to a lesser extent, Russia.  He finds fewer meaningful distinctions between National Socialism (the roots of the German Nazi party) and Soviet-style socialism than others might expect.  Further, he contends that not only the more totalitarian socialism in Germany but also the more democratic socialism of Britain lead down the same road to tyranny.  This book shook up the intellectual world when it was written, and Hayek's work is as thought-provoking today as it was over 50 years ago.

ISBN: 0226320618
Format: Paperback, 274pp
Pub. Date: August 1994
Publisher: University of Chicago Press




"This book has become a true classic: essential reading for everyone who is seriously interested in politics in the broadest and least partisan sense, a book whose central message is timeless, applicable to a wide variety of concrete situations."

Milton Friedman