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The Commanding Heights, by Daniel Yergin and Joseph Stanislaw.    Like Milton and Rose Friedman's best-selling book, Free to Choose, this powerful book has been made into a PBS television series.  As you might expect, Yergin and Stanislaw's book, with over 400 pages of captivating detail on the post-World War II battle for economic supremacy (waged between socialist and market economies throughout the world) contains more information than the TV series.  On the other hand, the well done television adaptation allows viewers to listen to the viewpoints and observations of many of the battle's major participants in their own words.  The list of people interviewed, both for the book and the PBS series, is very impressive--including Vicente Fox, Milton Friedman, Valery Giscard d'Estaing, Lawrence Lindsey, Robert Rubin, James Schlesinger, Helmut Schmidt, George Schultz, Lawrence Summers, Margaret Thatcher, and numerous others.  The title of the book comes from Lenin, who suggested during the 1930s that in order for communism to be effective, it needn't control every aspect of an economy--as long as it controlled the "commanding heights" of strategic and vital industries.  In a very compelling manner, this fascinating and well-researched book chronicles the worldwide battle for the economic commanding heights that was waged until the collapse of the Soviet Union.

ISBN: 068483569X
Format: Paperback, 512pp
Pub. Date: April 2002
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group






"A stunning and eminently readable account of how the market has captured the commanding heights of economic thinking.  Transforming economic analysis into a compelling narrative, the authors give us a comprehensive picture of an unfolding and dramatic story.  It is as engrossing as it is instructive."

George Schultz