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Free Enterprise: Our Heritage, Our Wealth, by A. Paul Ballantyne, John Brock, Dale DeBoer and Timothy Tregarthen.    These four authors, all economics professors at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, have produced an excellent book (actually, a booklet) that covers a surprisingly wide range of important economics topics in powerful, succinct terms.  This book is published by the Colorado Council on Economic Education, which uses it to help teach K-12 teachers and students how our free-enterprise market economy operates and how it provides a better standard of living than 'non-enterprise' alternatives.  (Full disclosure: the author of this review is a director of the Colorado Council, and one of the book authors is employed by J. V. Bruni and Company.)  I think most economists would agree that if more citizens read this very informative and enjoyable booklet, there would be a greater understanding and awareness of economics in our country.

Format: Paperback, 44pp
Pub. Date: 2002 (3rd edition)
Publisher: Colorado Council on Economic Education
225 E 16th Avenue Suite 350
Denver, Colorado   80203
(888) 815-2974 or www.ccee.net




"A splendid booklet which states in very clear and eloquent terms the case for free enterprise."

Milton Friedman