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Against the Gods: The Remarkable Story of Risk, by Peter Bernstein.    The process of investing is all about risk, and Peter Bernstein, the founding editor of the Journal of Portfolio Management, has produced a masterpiece on the topic of risk.  This 1996 book contains almost everything anyone ever wanted to know about the concept of risk, starting with the ancient Greece philosophers and progressing through centuries of gradual refinements in scholars' thinking.  Although I wouldn't normally call a book devoted to the subject of risk "gripping," this is not a normal book.  Indeed, it is a profound work that will be studied and appreciated by graduate students in finance for the next 50 years.  In short, it's one of the most fascinating and informative books I've ever read.

ISBN: 0471295639
Format: Paperback, 400pp
Pub. Date: Sept 1998
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons






"Nothing like [Against the Gods] will come out of the financial world this year or ever.  I speak carefully: no one should miss it."

John Kenneth Galbraith