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The Battle for the Soul of Capitalism, by John C. Bogle.    Within a capitalist economic system, markets (i.e., the interplay between millions of consumers and thousands of businesses) ultimately make the important decisions concerning how resources are allocated and compensated in order to pursue society's goals.  At least, that's the way capitalism is supposed to work.  However, a disconnection seems to have grown between the interests of business owners (shareholders) and those of the business executives who work for owners.  This has resulted not only in entrenched, frequently overcompensated managers, but also in a decline in American productivity and competitiveness.  Bogle addresses the separation of ownership and control problem in American capitalism and makes his case for adjustments to move us back to a more productive form of capitalism.


ISBN: 0300109903
Hardcover, 288pp
Pub. Date: Nov
Yale University Press





"A great, readable, and important book...[A] hard-hitting and entertaining analysis of how corporate America nearly derailed American capitalism."

Arthur Levitt