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Buffett: The Making of an American Capitalist, by Roger Lowenstein.    The short citation next to Warren Buffett's 1947 high school yearbook picture read, "Likes math  . . .  a future stockbroker."  Indeed, although that was written years before his fateful experience as Benjamin Graham's finest student, Buffett was seemingly already on the road to a career in investing.  Buffett:  The Making of an American Capitalist is a fascinating 1995 book on the life of the 'Oracle of Omaha,' written by one of the best financial writers of our time.  Roger Lowenstein takes the reader through Warren Buffett's experiences not only in terms of his investment skills and accomplishments, but also in terms of his personal life.  Thus, although there is enough investment wisdom in this book to make it worthwhile on that basis alone, this is more a fascinating biography of the man who has become, to date, the most successful investor in history.  This is a highly enjoyable and interesting read.

ISBN: 0385484917
Format: Paperback, 475pp
Pub. Date: August 1996
Publisher: Doubleday & Company, Inc.




"Other books have been written about Warren Buffett and his investment strategy, but...this is the one to read."

Bill Gates