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The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right, by Atul Gawande.    We often make lists before grocery shopping or to remind us what needs to be done in a day, but can a “to do list” help investors avoid mistakes or, in the hands of medical professionals, save lives?  Dr. Gawande, a surgeon and Harvard Medical School professor, makes the point that at least in some casesthose for which the solution is known but often missed, forgotten or otherwise overlookedthe answer is certainly “yes.”  The author interviews pilots, construction teams, surgeons and investors to gain insight into the power of even simple checklists.  For example, Dr. Gawande and his team created a surgery checklist that has been highly successful.  Both inspiring and practical, this book can help make you better at what you do.

ISBN-13: 9780312430009
Format: Paperback, 240pp
Pub. Date: Jan 2011
Publisher: Picador








"It has been years since I read a book so powerful and so thought-provoking."

Malcolm Gladwell