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Competition Demystified, by Bruce Greenwald and Judd Kahn.   Based on Greenwald’s class at Columbia Business School, this book tackles competition from the investor’s point of view.  Using both theory and case studies, the authors cover the types of competitive advantages sought by businesses, how they are created and sustained, and how competitors seek to overcome them.  The authors employ a bit of basic game theory as a way to understand the dynamics of competitive markets.  The book closes with guidelines for assessing the value and sustainability of competitive advantages.  If you’ve ever wondered how companies like Polaroid or Nintendo came to dominate their industries – and why they later fell – or how Rupert Murdoch compelled the major television networks to allow his Fox channel a foothold, Greenwald and Kahn discuss in great detail these and many other scenarios.

ISBN: 1591841801
Format: Paperback, 416pp
Pub. Date: Aug 2007
Publisher: Penguin Group (USA)






"The best 'course' I've ever read on strategic management.  Actually does demystify a complex world of management"

Warren Bennis