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Financial Shenanigans, by Howard Schilit.   It's one thing to review company earnings or browse financial reports; it's quite another to understand how accounting choices have colored and influenced the results.  Schilit offers clear guidance on how to review, with purpose and skepticism, all manner of financial reports from the balance sheet to the most obscure footnotes, so that investors can understand what companies are saying--or possibly not saying.  Using data from actual published financial reports, this book provides real examples of fraudulent, misleading and aggressive accounting.  Schilit goes on to describe what companies are trying to hide in using these gimmicks and the impact of their distortions.  Because Schilit avoids jargon and speaks plainly, his work is accessible to all readers regardless of financial knowledge.  

ISBN-13: 9780071386265
Format: Hardcover, 240pp
Pub. Date: Mar 2002
McGraw-Hill Companies



"Is there any way an ordinary investor can protect against being torpedoed by financial scams and gimmicks?...The answer lies in investors, large and small, becoming more skeptical and informed consumers of glowing financial reports, and efforts like Schilit's may help us get there."

Louis Rukeyser