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Benjamin Graham on Value Investing, by Janet Lowe.    Janet Lowe has researched Benjamin Graham, the father of modern securities analysis, more thoroughly and in greater detail than any other contemporary writer.  This well-written 1994 book informs the reader not only about Graham's investment approach but also about his rich and varied life.  As one might expect, Lowe details Graham's history as an academic researcher and money manager, and she describes his painstaking search for investment bargains, his general skepticism of corporate financial reporting, his emphasis on independent thought and patience, and his advocacy of shareholders' rights.  However, not content to portray only the well known pioneer of investment theory, Lowe also focuses attention on the details of Graham's life as a college professor, playwright and student of the classics.  Modern "Graham and Dodd" investors, as well as those with an interest in the history of investing, will undoubtedly enjoy this book.  Those who wish to focus mainly on investment theory should read The Intelligent Investor and Security Analysis first.

ISBN: 0140255346
Format: Paperback, 230pp
Pub. Date: Feb 1996
Publisher: Penguin







"One of the luckiest events in my life was when I met Ben Graham; now Janet Lowe gives her readers a similar opportunity."

Warren Buffett