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The Innovator's Dilemma, by Clayton Christensen.    Any business consultant who recommends ignoring current customers to focus on small, less profitable markets is either visionary or delusional.  In the case of Clayton Christensen, it's the former.  In this innovative work, Christensen introduces the concept of "disruptive technology"--an innovation with little or no value to existing customers today but which will likely best serve their needs tomorrow.  The author argues that many well-managed businesses fail because they aren't able to anticipate and develop the disruptive technologies that ultimately ravage and replace existing markets.  Using case studies across a variety of industries and products, Christensen demonstrates how the very qualities that make a business successful--a narrow customer focus, the desire to expand existing market share, the need to maximize current profitability, and others--prevent or strongly discourage it from funding the early-stage, less profitable, nearly nonexistent markets associated with disruptive technologies.  The book then provides guidance on successfully developing potential disruptive technologies by moving them outside the traditional organization structure, which is normally designed to sustain rather than innovate.  This book's conceptual framework makes it impossible to look at a business without considering its position relative to "the next big thing."

ISBN-13: 9780060521998
Format: Paperback, 320pp
Pub. Date: Jan 2003
HarperCollins Publishers



"This book ought to chill any executive who feels bulletproof--and inspire entrepreneurs aiming their guns."

Forbes Magazine