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The Millionaire Mind, by Thomas Stanley.    If you enjoyed The Millionaire Next Door, you'll like this "sequel" 2000 book.  Professor Stanley describes the results of his academic research into the attributes of deca-millionaires ($10 million and up).  He also includes numerous statistical tables showing correlations between various personal characteristics ("success factors") and significant wealth.  (Did you know that there is only a distant relationship between IQ and wealth?)  He also documents how owning small, profitable businesses (frequently labor-of-love situations) much more frequently creates significant wealth than inheritance or glamorous careers in sports or entertainment.  Indeed, the actual lifestyles of the truly wealthy are very different from the Hollywood image of the "rich and famous."  As a very interesting and informative book, and as a myth dispeller, this is a solid work.

ISBN: 0740718584
Format: Paperback, 416pp
Pub. Date: August 2001
Andrews McMeel Publishing





"Most of the people profiled in this book became economic successes in one generation.  They came from economic ground zero...They are of the millionaire mind."

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