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Sense and Nonsense in Corporate Finance, by Louis Lowenstein.    The author of this book is the father of Roger Lowenstein, author of a number of excellent books on financial topics.  In writing Sense and Nonsense in Corporate Finance, Louis Lowenstein, a professor of finance and law at Columbia University, has produced an excellent work covering a diverse set of important corporate finance subjects that includes dividend policies, corporate capital structure, junk bonds and leveraged buyouts, financial accounting, the responsibilities of corporate boards to shareholders and much more.  This very readable and clear book is every bit as timely now as when it was written in 1991.  Indeed, every serious investor, CEO and corporate board member should read this cogent and persuasive work.

ISBN: 0201523582
Format: Hardcover, 346pp
Pub. Date: October 1991
Publisher: Addison-Wesley



(Currently out of print)


"Lowenstein combines penetrating insight, a penchant for calling a spade a blankety-blank spade, and a healthy irreverence to challenge some traditional myths about corporate finance."

Charles R. Sitter



"A bible for smart business leaders."

Willian Ruanne