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The Warren Buffett Way, by Robert Hagstrom.    Warren Buffett is about as smart and as successful an investor as there is.  Indeed, he may prove to be the most successful investor ever.  Therefore, for those who aspire to become accomplished investors, it would be wise to take the time to study Buffett's methods and practices.  It would be helpful if Buffett had written a book (which he hasn't, to date), although fortunately for investors he has written the equivalent of a book on the installment plan in his Berkshire Hathaway annual reports.  Robert Hagstrom has done a good job distilling Buffett's annual report letters and other public comments into this very enjoyable 1994 book.  Like Buffett's shareholder letters, this book is a lively and very interesting read, and although reading a book about Buffett can't confer upon the reader all of Buffett's investment wisdom, it's a great start.

ISBN: 0471177504
Format: Paperback, 313pp
Pub. Date: March 1997
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons






"In simple language this book tells the rules by which the most successful American stock investor of modern time got that way.  It could be a godsend to the legion of unhappy investors who keep floundering because they ignore the basics of major investment success." 

Phil Fisher