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Classics: An Investor's Anthology and Classics II: Another Investor's Anthology, by Charles Ellis.    Charlie Ellis edited these two books in 1989 and 1991.  They are out of print now, so you may need to visit a used book dealer or your local library in order to find them.  Your search would be well worth the effort, however, because these two books provide a treasure trove of short articles written by the best investors and financial authors of all time--luminaries such as Paul Cabot, Benjamin Graham, David Dodd, T. Rowe Price, John Burr Williams, David Babson, Peter Bernstein, Phil Fisher, Harry Markowitz, Warren Buffett, William Sharpe, David Dreman, John Templeton, and many others.  There is more wisdom contained in these two books than most investors are apt to encounter in a lifetime of personal investing experience, and if there is a better collection of important investment writings, I haven't found it.  As they say on television infomercials, it would take a long time and cost a small fortune to duplicate this collection of the most memorable writings from many of the finest minds in investing.  If you can't find these books, consider Ellis' similar, more abbreviated book, The Investor's Anthology (reviewed below).  

Format: Hardcover, 759pp
Pub. Date: Jan 1990
Publisher: Business One Irwin




Classics II:
ISBN: 1556233582
Format: Hardcover, 480pp
Pub. Date: July 1991
Publisher: McGraw Hill Companies

(Both books are currently out of print)




"A wonderful collection of timeless wisdom, analytical and investment policy insights spanning two centuries from some of the most provocative individuals of the past and present."

Leon Cooperman