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Graham and Dodd's Security Analysis, Fifth Edition, by Sidney Cottle, Roger Murray and Frank Block.    The fourth, and last, edition of Security Analysis that was written by Benjamin Graham and David Dodd was published in 1962.  As the authors of this fifth edition state, "The Graham and Dodd concept of security analysis, with its emphasis on value, does not need a revised edition."  I agree fully.  However, with changes in tax laws, accounting rules and financial reporting standards, plus the emergence of new investment concepts and periods of inflation that Graham and Dodd hadn't contemplated, Cottle, Murray and Block wrote this book in 1988 to bring Graham and Dodd's work more up to date.  As valuable as this book is, I would view it as a complement, not a substitute, for the Graham and Dodd editions of Security Analysis (see our review).

ISBN: 0070244960
Format: Hardcover, 725pp
Pub. Date: October 1996
Publisher: McGraw Hill





"After twenty-five years, the 'classic' has been updated.  Big bath accounting, value investing, duration, junk bonds, shareholder's rights--it's all here.  A must for serious investors."

John B. Neff