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The Intelligent Investor, by Benjamin Graham.    According to Warren Buffett, this is the best book on investing ever written.  That's pretty high praise, coming from perhaps the most successful investor of the last half of the twentieth century.  First written in 1950, last updated in 1973, and still in print, this timeless book was intended by Graham to serve as the intelligent layman's guide to investing--in lieu of the prodigious Security Analysis, primarily intended for securities professionals (and reviewed below).  Graham provides advice both for those he refers to as "defensive" investors (most people) and for the rare "enterprising" investor willing to do a lot of homework.  Clear writing starts with clear thinking, and in this classic book Benjamin Graham, the acknowledged father of modern investment analysis, is at his clearest.

ISBN: 0060155477
Format: Hardcover, 340pp
Pub. Date: Dec 1985
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers




"Graham ranks as this century's (and perhaps history's) most important thinker on applied portfolio investment."

John Train


"The Graham technique is the safest way there is to make money in stocks."

Christopher Browne