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Investment Psychology Explained, by Martin Pring.    Successful investing is often counterintuitive, yet there are few books with more than anecdotal information on the mental aspects of investing.  Although best known as a technical analyst, Pring provides useful insights regardless of the reader's investment style.  The book emphasizes the value of independent thinking, objectivity, patience, consistency and managing one's emotions.  This guidance seems easy enough to follow, but an honest reading reminds us how, in the face of normal price swings and the constant flow of information, our own emotions and the opinions of others can easily cloud our judgment.  Pring's thoughts on the flow of news and the value of both contrarian and consensus opinions are unique and also worth reading.  Simple and straightforward, this is the type of book readers will likely revisit over time.


ISBN -13: 9780471133001
Paperback, 288pp
Pub. Date: Oct 1995
John Wiley & Sons