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Margin of Safety, Risk-Averse Value Investing Strategies for the Thoughtful Investor, by Seth Klarman.  Divided into three parts, this book effectively explains why investors, both individual and professional, find it hard to achieve superior investment performance; why value investing offers the best chance to overcome the obstacles to successful investing; and how to approach the concept of intrinsic value.  The specific investment examples contained in the book are a bit dated (20+ years ago) but serve to illustrate the importance of independent thinking and judgment in the art of business valuation.  Above all, Klarman consistently reminds readers where the greatest risks to investing success lie and offers ideas on how to address them.  Because this out-of-print book is hard to find, prices can run high for a used copy.  If your library has a copy, itís well worth your time.

ISBN-10: 0887305105

ISBN-13: 978-0887305108

Format: Hardback, 249pp
Pub. Date: October 1991
Publisher: HarperCollins