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The Money Masters and The New Money Masters, by John Train.    There are two ways to acquire the most important investment skills--through your own experience or through the experiences and insights of others.  While both kinds of experience are important, the first kind, if relied upon almost exclusively, can prove to be quite time-consuming and distressingly costly to acquire.  Indeed, in today's complex investment world, I would suggest that it is virtually impossible to develop winning investment methods without some review of the strategies and tactics developed and employed by master investors.  In these two books, published in 1980 and 1989 (along with Money Masters of Our Time in 2000), Train provides the reader with a series of capsule descriptions of a number of very successful investors.  He compares these accomplished investors and seeks to draw conclusions concerning the common qualities that led to their successes.  The list of masters is impressive--including Warren Buffett, Paul Cabot, Philip Fisher, Benjamin Graham, T. Rowe Price, John Templeton, Peter Lynch, Phil Carret, John Neff, Ralph Wagner and other premier investors.




The Money Masters is out of print and no jacket image is available.
















The New Money Masters:

ISBN: 0887306373
Format: Paperback, 400pp
Pub. Date: September 1994
Publisher: Harper Business

(The New Money Masters may also be out of print.)



"Read this book carefully and in a couple of pleasant weekends you can get as good a perspective on investing as you could get at Harvard or Stanford in a full year."

Forbes Magazine