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The Most Important Thing, by Howard Marks.  Fortunately, this is not another book that sets out to teach readers an investment formula, because formulas seldom work in today’s complex and competitive world.  Instead, Marks’ aim is to teach investors how to think about investing.  For many years, noted investors, including Warren Buffett, have enjoyed the insights contained in Marks’ client memos that provide the basis for this book.  Topics such as risk, uncertainty, market cycles, fear, greed, market efficiency and patience have been covered by many others, but rarely with the kind of insight that culminates in a powerful and practical investment creed.  Rarer still is the investor who would not benefit from Marks’ ability to clearly relate his knowledge and experience.  Eminently quotable and highly recommended, don’t be surprised if you find yourself highlighting much of the book, as we did.

ISBN-10: 0231153686

ISBN-13: 978-0231153683

Format: Hardback, 200pp
Pub. Date: May 2011
Publisher: Columbia University Press





"Few books on investing match the high standards set by Howard Marks in The Most Important Thing.  It is wise, witty, and laced with historical perspective."

John Bogle