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John Neff on Investing, by Steven Mintz.    In the final analysis, superior long-term investment returns come from hard work combined with superior insight and analysis.  John Neff, now retired, is probably one of the most successful investors who most people have never heard of.  A very patient, deep value investor and card-carrying contrarian (his supervised portfolios frequently sported single-digit P/E multiples), Neff managed the Vanguard Windsor Fund for fully 31 years, and he handily outdistanced both the S&P 500 and most of his competition.  In this book, Neff discusses his bargain-hunting principles and, importantly, the essential qualities of independence and patience that are necessary to nourish careful analysis.  An interesting and unique part of this very helpful 1999 work is Neff's own investing journal, covering 30 years of his specific decisions.

ISBN: 0471417920
Format: Paperback, 288pp
Pub. Date: April 2001
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons





"Nobody has ever managed a large mutual fund so very well for so very long a time.  And no one is likely to do so ever again."

Charles Ellis