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Security Analysis, by Benjamin Graham, David Dodd and Sidney Cottle.    First published in 1934, then updated in 1940, 1951 and 1962, this book is the classic in investment theory and analysis.  The earlier editions are collector's items--give me a call if you know someone willing to sell one.  Make no mistake regarding the three authors--Benjamin Graham was the intellectual father of Security Analysis.  To say that this book delves into the nitty-gritty of investment analysis is an understatement.  It covers everything from the historical behavior of securities markets to the fundamental concept of investment (as opposed to speculation), investment policy, Graham's famous "margin of safety" concept, and the analysis of financial statements and accounting practices.  The authors also address financial ratio analysis, specific standards for fixed-income investments, stock market valuation, projections of earnings and dividends, asset factor considerations, the relationships between stockholders and corporate management, and more.  This groundbreaking book was meant for professionals, yet any serious investor will find it valuable.

(The 4th edition of this book, published in 1962, is currently out of print. No image is available.)













The 1940 edition, reissued in 2002, can be referenced as follows:

ISBN: 007141228X
Format: Hardcover, 752pp
Pub. Date: September 2002
Publisher: McGraw Hill













The 1934 edition, reissued in 1996, can be referenced as follows:

ISBN: 0070244960
Format: Hardcover, 725pp
Pub. Date: October 1996
Publisher: McGraw Hill