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There's Always Something to Do, The Peter Cundill Investment Approach, by Christopher Risso-Gill.  A pioneer in the practice of global investing, Peter Cundill achieved a 25-year investment track record few have matched.  Building on his early successes applying Benjamin Graham’s value-based investment approach, Cundill traveled the world, consistently finding superior investment opportunities that few others had even considered.  Beyond investing, Cundill pursued life with a unique dynamism, even in the face of a rare and debilitating neurological disorder that eventually caused him to relinquish management of the Mackenzie Cundill Value Fund in 2009.  Risso-Gill relies on Cundill’s daily journal entries (often focusing on investment topics of the day) and a 30-year relationship with the investor to tell the inspiring story of the “Indiana Jones of Fund Managers.”  










ISBN-10: 0773538631

ISBN-13: 978-0773538634

Format: Paperback, 240pp
Pub. Date: Feb 2011
Publisher: Mcgill-Queens University Press



"There's Always Something to Do tells the tale of one of the great value investors of our time. It includes stories of many small and mid cap situations that the large cap, institutional world wouldn't otherwise know. This is a must read for the value crowd, right up there with Buffett and Klarman."

Michael Price, MFP Investors Inc.