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How to Think Like Benjamin Graham and Invest Like Warren Buffett, by Lawrence Cunningham.    Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett represent one of the most successful and well known teacher/student combinations of all time.  This 2001 book describes their cash flow, margin-of-safety oriented approach to investing--which is essentially the opposite of the simplistic "momentum" investing approach so popular with speculators unable (or unwilling) to do the hard work necessary for investment success.  Although this book is straightforward and easy to read, it doesn't lack powerful and effective principles.  Graham and Buffett's approach to evaluating stocks always begins with a careful evaluation of the businesses in question, rather than an evaluation of whether various stocks are currently popular with other investors.  How refreshing--fact is more important than opinion.  I can't help but reflect that many investors would have saved a great deal of money in the late 1990s if they had known and followed Graham and Buffett's wisdom rather than follow the popular consensus regarding Internet and high technology stocks.

ISBN: 0071409394
Format: Paperback, 224pp
Pub. Date: October 2002
Publisher: McGraw Hill




"This book challenges investors to move away from the recently-popular 'Q Culture' of speculation to the 'V Culture' of value investing.  . . . The author reminds us that earnings and cash flows are what give a business value--the eternal message of long-run success in equity investing."

Jack Bogle