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Value Investing Made Easy, by Janet Lowe.     Although all of the books I have reviewed can be read by an intelligent lay person, some are simpler and easier to read than others.  This book is among the easiest to read, yet it still provides an excellent summary of the basic principles of value investing, as originally authored by Benjamin Graham and practiced by Warren Buffett and others.  Lowe has spent a number of years researching famous value investors, such as Graham, Buffett and Charlie Munger, and she has succeeded in distilling many of their most important and relevant ideas on investing.  In this 1996 book, she covers essential topics that include income and balance sheet analysis, Graham's "margin of safety" principle, the role of corporate management, stock selection, building a portfolio, and risk management, among others.  In short, Lowe has written an easy reading book on a vital and not-so-easy subject.

ISBN: 0070388644
Format: Paperback, 224pp
Pub. Date: Nov 1997
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies




"Value Investing Made Easy is both solidly researched and clearly written ... When specific investment choices become difficult, re-reading Lowe's book should save you from decisions that diminish your capital."

Irving Kahn