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 Where Do I Start?

A Reader's Guide to Our Book Review Library

We have compiled an extensive library of book reviews covering books about investing, economics and finance.  It's available on this website, and is also available in an attractive print edition.  Investor response has been excellent, and the book review pages have been visited often.

Nonetheless, clients and other visitors have indicated that this collection may not only seem exhaustive, but exhausting!  It was certainly not our intent to overwhelm you with such a comprehensive list, nor to bury you in books.  Therefore, as with any good library, we feel that there should be a librarian to guide readers according to their interests and experience.  Please let me, Sarah Roach, be the librarian who guides you through the stacks.

Despite having a reputation for being dry, unbearably complex, or, dare I say it, BORING, the fact is that investing, finance and even economics (apologies to  our resident economists, Jerry Bruni and John Brock) can be presented in such a way that "freshman" readers can comfortably begin a personal education, and casual readers can gain insight without feeling as if they're taking medicine.




"You may be surprised at the number of books in our library that both inform and entertain."

First, I'll suggest a path to follow based on what you feel to be your level of understanding.  Remember--everyone was a freshman at one time.  I'll suggest a book from each subject category; just click on the title to read our description and review.  If you'd like to clarify something in a book as you read it, or just want to chat about it when you're done, I'd love to hear from you personally.  I'm always interested in ways we can better inform and communicate with our clients.

FRESHMAN READERS (You're interested and want to learn, but you don't know where to begin.):

SOPHOMORES (You've got a grasp of the basics and are ready to dig a little deeper.):

JUNIORS (You've developed an area of interest and are poised to integrate the concepts you've acquired.):

SENIORS (You've gained a level of expertise and feel ready to tackle some serious reading in your major.):

For those of you who prefer a plot, you may be surprised at the number of books in our library that both inform and entertain.  Some authors have penned interesting historical documentaries while others, believe it or not, have written books that could legitimately be called thrillers.  We've even got a romance!  Here's some guidance:

Historical Perspectives: 


Truth is More Thrilling Than Fiction:

Interesting Ideas (OK, no plot but very interesting reading!):

Romance (Really!):

Among the books in our library is one to fit almost any taste and level of understanding.


"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest."

                                                                                  --Benjamin Franklin



Sarah F. Roach

Vice President