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We hope that our website has given you an informative overview of our company, its client support and investing philosophies, and our corporate goals and principles.  Although we regard the Internet as a fine medium to convey information such as this, we do not conduct business over the Internet, primarily because we feel that investors require and deserve more personalized attention.  If you would like additional information about J. V. Bruni and Company's investment services, or if you would like to discuss your individual investment needs (or those of your organization), please call us.


Throughout the United States: 
(800) 748-3409

From overseas or in Colorado Springs:
(719) 575-9880


We afford the same high levels of confidentiality and privacy to prospective clients as we do to our existing clients.



Although even brief interruptions of our telephone systems have been exceedingly rare during the 20+ years we have been in business, we have a variety of backup plans to maintain communication with our clients when normal phone service is disrupted.  For example, if our telephone system is disrupted and our backup cell phone system is also disrupted, we will post relevant notices to clients on our website, in this "Contact Us" area, provided we have Internet access.  (We have primary and backup Internet service providers.)