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"The antidote to economic failure is knowledge, and the road to knowledge begins with effective education."  




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Consumers and investors alike benefit from the competition and opportunities created within a market economy.  Although private enterprise has provided tremendous increases in prosperity throughout the world, the opportunities for further major advancements in science, medicine and living standards are incredible--provided that entrepreneurs and workers remain free to innovate, take risks and compete.


Nevertheless, there are always risks in the economic outlook.  For example, in order for people to intelligently participate in the worldwide marketplace, it is essential for them to have a basic understanding of fundamental economic concepts, such as opportunity costs, the interaction of supply and demand, and the roles of specialization and exchange.  People who misunderstand the workings of markets sometimes unknowingly find themselves supporting economic systems that have most typically led to poverty, repression and failure.  The antidote to economic failure is knowledge, and the road to knowledge begins with effective education.


If you would like to further your own economics education, consider the books we've reviewed on this subject.  However, no matter how well informed you may become about economics, your ability to enjoy the fruits of a market economy depends in significant part on the collective economic wisdom of your fellow citizens.  If they decide to pursue economic policies with good intentions but without an understanding of important economic principles, for example, then brace yourself for disappointment (and a lower standard of living for all).


If you would like to make an investment in support of economics education for all citizens by educating students, teachers and citizens throughout Colorado and the country, the following two nonprofit organizations, among a number of effective organizations nationwide, are especially worthy of your consideration.


The Colorado Council for Economic Education, founded in 1974 and funded entirely by individuals and private organizations, is a non-partisan and nonprofit organization dedicated to developing and presenting graduate level economics classes for K-12 school teachers, so that these teachers can educate their students about important economic concepts.

Colorado Council for Economic Education
225 East 16th Avenue, Suite 350
Denver, Colorado   80203

(303) 832-8480  or  (888) 815-2974

The Council for Economic Education, also a non-partisan and nonprofit organization, is a nationwide network that promotes economic literacy among teachers and their students.

Council for Economic Education
122 East 42nd Street, Suite 2600
New York, New York   10168

(212) 730-7007  or  (800) 338-1192


We do not necessarily endorse all of these organizations' programs, and these nonprofits are not in the business of endorsing J. V. Bruni and Company or other businesses.