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". . .we do not try to find simplistic formulas . . . or consensus opinions.  Instead, we devote our energies to generating detailed, independent research and to making intelligent investment choices."  




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There Is No Simple Formula For Investment Success

If there were a simple, trustworthy formula for investment success, it stands to reason that many investors would want to use this formula.  However, the widespread use of any formula or system isn't possible.  Who would be willing to sell when a widely followed formula called for investors to buy, or to buy when the formula called for selling?  It is impossible for most investors to act in the same way at the same time, because in each marketplace there must be an equal number of shares purchased and sold.  There can be no consensus in investing, and any attempts on the part of investors to follow the same strategy will necessarily become self-defeating.  At J. V. Bruni and Company we do not try to find simplistic formulas for success or to search for non-existent consensus opinions.  Instead, we devote our energies to generating detailed, independent research and to making intelligent investment choices.

We Shop For Bargains

For most investors, buying low and selling high is easier said than done.  Other factors equal, the more popular an investment is, the higher its market-clearing price will be.  As a result, investors are unlikely to find bargain-priced investments among highly popular companies.  For our clients, we attempt to select investments that aren't overly popular when we buy them, but that will--on the basis of their investment merits--become increasingly popular (and thereby rise in price) in the future.

We Emphasize Competence and Integrity

Every money management firm has established a track record of investment performance and its own reputation regarding integrity.  We are proud of our record of investment achievement--we're happy to share it with you.  Further, we invite prospective clients to inquire as to our reputation for integrity both within our local community and nationwide among our clients.  Although we can't reveal client names, chances are that you are reading this at the recommendation of one of our existing clients--and we are proud that existing clients are our greatest source of new clients.

We Understand the Role of Taxes

There is an important difference between minimizing taxes and maximizing after-tax returns.  Minimizing taxes requires a minimization of taxable income, which can lead to low investment returns.  We focus on maximizing after-tax returns for our clients by carefully considering all relevant investment factors, including taxes, in our decision-making.