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"We believe that satisfied clients are our single greatest asset.  We treat our clients as close associates--with courtesy and respect."  




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Our Portfolio Manager

Our founder and portfolio manager is Jerome V. Bruni.  Mr. Bruni earned a Bachelor of Science degree in economics from the United States Air Force Academy, and he has a Master of Arts degree in economics from UCLA.  He served on the Department of Economics faculty at the U.S. Air Force Academy, where he directed and taught courses in financial markets, microeconomics, and macroeconomics.  He was twice named the Outstanding Educator in Economics.  Mr. Bruni worked at a national investment firm for eight years, where he became a First Vice President and Portfolio Manager.  He has been an investor for over thirty years and has been quoted by Bloomberg, CNNMoney, Dow Jones Newswires, Forbes, Fortune, MarketWatch and The Wall Street Journal.  He is a former Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Colorado Council for Economic Education.  Mr. Bruni, who is an active supporter of the nonprofit community, also founded and is president of the Bruni Foundation, which supports education programs for children and adults, together with a variety of humanitarian programs.

Our Leadership

John R. Brock, Vice President, contributes to various economic analyses.  He is also Senior Instructor and Director, Center for Economic Education, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.  Dr. Brock received a Ph.D. in economics from Cornell University, has been the recipient of a number of teaching awards, and has authored a variety of publications concerning microeconomics, macroeconomics, productivity and other economics topics.  He co-authored Free Enterprise: Our Heritage, Our Wealth, which is reviewed in the book reviews section of this website.

Sarah F. Roach, Vice President, works closely with current and prospective clients to address their questions, help them identify and assess their investment objectives, and to provide tax and portfolio performance information to CPAs and other financial professionals on their behalf (with client authorization).  She also dedicates time to meeting the unique information and reporting requirements of institutional clients such as corporations, retirement plans, foundations and other nonprofit organizations.  Ms. Roach earned a Master of Arts degree from the University of Denver and has over 20 years of business experience.

Patrick Labbe, Research Analyst and Assistant to the Portfolio Manager, adds to our independent analysis capabilities and contributes to portfolio management decisions.  Pat earned a B.S. in business administration and an M.S. in finance from the University of Colorado, and he is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).  Prior to joining J. V. Bruni and Company, Pat served as the investment manager for the city of Arvada, Colorado.  Before that, he worked for Charles Schwab and Company.

MaryEllen Telck, Director of Client Services, has worked for J. V. Bruni and Company since its founding in 1992.  She directs and coordinates all client services, administration, and regulatory filings for the company.  With nearly 20 years of experience in the securities industry, Mrs. Telck has a thorough knowledge of all aspects of administrative operations, portfolio accounting, and performance and tax reporting.  In addition, she has a track record of excellence and a deeply-rooted commitment to providing first-class client service.

Our Research and View of Economics

We obtain basic information from corporate regulatory filings, shareholder reports, company presentations, independent ratings and statistical agencies, and a variety of other sources.  We evaluate this raw information using our unique experience and investment judgment combined with our knowledge of relevant economic, competitive and risk factors.  Ultimately, we develop our own evaluations of current and projected future values of various investments, and we use these evaluations to build investment portfolios designed to pursue our clients' investment objectives. 

Simply put, our own research powers our investment performance, and economics powers our research.  Although some people identify economics mainly with short-term predictions of macroeconomic growth, inflation and unemployment, we believe that the real strength of economics is in the analysis of powerful, long-term forces in our economy.  For example, careful analysis of the factors that affect the price of energy could have proved instrumental in anticipating increasing energy prices (and inflation) during the 1970s, decreasing energy prices during the 1980s, and increasing prices again late in the 1990s.  Insight as to these price movements would have proven to be very valuable to investors during these periods.  Another highly applicable form of economic analysis concerns the dynamics of individual companies and industries.  For example, economics tells us that when companies in a particular industry provide very similar, commodity-like goods or services to consumers, competition tends to focus on price, and profitability tends to suffer.  The airline industry, which has consistently engaged in low-profit, cutthroat competition, would be an example of such an industry.  It would also be an example of an industry that our economic research has led us to avoid in the past.

We Keep Accurate Score

Each quarter we send clients an updated report detailing their net investment performance (after payment of fees) dating from the inception of our work.  Unlike many financial services firms that do not provide this sort of information, we feel that we owe each client a comprehensive accounting of the results of our work.

Our Commitment to an Informed Clientele

We feel that our obligation to clients goes beyond simply managing their money and reporting our results.  We think that it is imperative for an investment management firm to communicate with its clients on a variety of relevant issues--regularly and clearly.  Our clients receive monthly reports on current economic and investment conditions, together with timely discussions of our strategies designed to favorably position their investment portfolios.  In addition, we make ourselves available to review client objectives and investment performance and to answer client questions.

Our Attitude

We believe that satisfied clients are our single greatest asset.  We treat our clients as close associates--with courtesy and respect.  In short, we treat clients as we would like to be treated ourselves.